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{Tuesday, March 4, 2014}

Follow me on instagram! :)
@burqq see you there!

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{Saturday, October 5, 2013}

the love~

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{Wednesday, October 2, 2013}

The love~~

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{Tuesday, October 1, 2013}

Hi peeps! 
Haven't showed my face in awhile so here's me today!
Camwhoring on my way to a casting for a print shoot.
With the love~
Till soon, xoxo.

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{Monday, September 23, 2013}

The love and I at kudeta sky lounge.
So in love~

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{Wednesday, September 18, 2013}

With the love.

Breakfast ytd at eM by the River.
My eggs Royale
Eggs benedict
Big breakfast with scramble egg
and omelette egg
and lastly smoked chicken quesadilla.
Then we had all you can eat steamboat at home of joy steamboat

Today's chilli crabsss
Cereal prawn
You tiao

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{Monday, September 16, 2013}

First time dining at Kudeta in MbS today..
The bento box.
Tempura Roll
Lunch tasting set(Main)
Overall, dining experience was good.
The only thing that sucks is that we cant enjoy the view from the top if we dine inside. 
Till tmr, xoxo.

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{Sunday, September 15, 2013}

Last day at paragon modelling with my male model.
Burberry brit rhythm the newest men's fragrance! 
Smells damn good.. 
Seriously, I kept spraying more and more on myself throughout the whole shift. 

Till tmr, xoxo

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{Saturday, September 14, 2013}

Flowers to greet the korean parents today!
Modelled for 4 hours today! Zomg! 
Tired until die...
Standing in those killer heels?!!!
Till tmr,xoxo

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{Friday, September 13, 2013}

Me today! 
Super packed day for me!!!
Two students plus a burberry brit rhythm men event today!
Had to wear their burberry top...
Too bad have to return it to them by the end of the event!
Till tmr, xoxo!:)

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{Wednesday, September 11, 2013}

On a rainy rainy day, Im dresses up with bright red floral dress to make my day not so gloomy!
Tutored 3 kids today. 
It has been a long long day for me!
Till tmr,xoxo

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{Monday, September 9, 2013}

Today marks the september school holidays!
Kids are all busy studying for the tests and final exams after the holidays!
So we've gotta prepare for their exams before school reopens again:(
I am really really happy today! 
My kid bought me teacher's day gift!
So so sweet girl!
Chilled with the love after whole day of work... 
Huge bowl of golden fries and Budweiser . Nyum!

11:26 AM;

{Sunday, September 8, 2013}

Hi peeps!
Today's make up..

Today, thelove was soooo amazing. 
He allowed me to sleep in and went to work without me!
So its kinda my offday but he has to work:(
I really appreciate it, love!
Till tmr, xoxo.

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{Saturday, September 7, 2013}

Good morning peeps!

Dinner tonight...
The taste of their food is quite blant.
But for that price, I dont really expect anything really..

I think the place that has the best pasta is..... either coastal settlement at changi or garden slug at telok kurau. 
Both of them have the best pastas that I cant really decide which one's better!
You guys should definitely try out garden slug or coastal settlement!:)
This is garden slug's amazing pasta!
and crazily mouth melting fish and chips!
vs coastal settlement's pasta and truffle fries.
Went there a few days after cos cant forget the food-orgasm in my mouth.
And again... sigh...
My craving for these god-made food.....
I think I can eat these every single day. 

Enough with the food spam late at night.
It makes me hungry again. :(
Till tmr, xoxo.

11:50 AM;

{Friday, September 6, 2013}

Le babies with short furrrr~

Before haircut~
Love them to bits!
Till tmr, xoxo.

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reading about ma life in canad


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